Social Media Marketing

Over the past year I have quadrupled my online presence by implementing the steps I'm sharing with you in this course

After this course you'll:

  • Know the exact content to make for your audience
  • Learn how to consistently create content without burning out
  • Gain confidence in your online presence

Get ready to grow + go viral

Hi, I'm MacKenzie

I'm here to help you grow. I'm so excited for you to get clear on the content to make + how to get better engagement!


Why you should be checking them + how they can help you!

+ so much more

The Social Strategy


The Social Strategy

A guide to growing your following + going viral

Who is this course for?

This course is perfect for someone who wants to identify who they're speaking to and how to speak to them effectively.

Build your like, know, trust and establish yourself as an expert.

Convert your followers into fans.

I'm so excited for you to build your confidence and start getting excited about social media.